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"Miss Molly's" Products - Product Image

"Miss Molly's" Products

The youngest member of the family has come up with a few items that are especially appropriate for the younger generation. We were impressed with her ideas and added them to our line.

Dry Shampoo with a hint of rose in a 3 oz. shaker bottle - especially helpful for longer hair to refresh without the hassle of drying all that hair. Just tousle a small amount of shampoo through the hair and brush out.   $3.00

Split Ends Balm - Helps ro avoid split ends by moisturizing just the tips before they become dry, brittle and split - and it is gently scented with amber resin so that aroma lightly surrounds one as they toss their hair.  $5.00

Drawing Salve - Molly was fascinated with the old drawing salves and made her own using plantain infused oil, activated charcoal and a number of other interesting ingredients.  It is like the old black salve we remember as kids.  $5.00

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