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Our one-of-a-kind scarves are sold Retail Only.


Eco-printing means dyeing and printing using plants and natural mordants like iron and vinegar, set with heat to make one-of-a-kind creations. We first experimented with eco-printing/eco-dyeing on cotton in the fall of 2019, just as the plant material we needed was disappearing around us!


Early this spring 2020, we had lots of fresh plant materials to experiment with and decided to try it on silk.


As summer progressed, we found new plants to try and also experimented with other mordants, etc...


When we discovered the results we got with silk, we were thrilled and hope you will be too!  These lustrous and luscious scarves are the result. 


Oaken Mystery - Product Image

Oaken Mystery


Oak Leaves scattered along with pennycress seeds..


11 x 60" eco-printed Habotai Silk Scarf


Price: $25.00 

Splash! - Product Image



Splashes of color cover this one!


11 x 60" eco-printed Habotai Silk Scarf


Price: $25.00 

Through the Mist - Product Image

Through the Mist


A misty, golden print of beech leaves with a few wild geranium leaves strewn about.  The lines at both ends of the scarf are from the strings that hold everything together while it is being processed.  We think it makes it look like fringe.


11x 60" eco-printed Habotai Silk scarf.

Price: $25.00 

Tree Stars - Product Image

Tree Stars


If you or your child was a fan of "The Land Before Time," you know what a tree star is. If not, it was a pointy leaf that the little dinosaur saw as a present from his mother. When I saw this gorgeous, lustrous scarf as it unrolled, I immediately thought of that movie (that we must have watched a million times when my son was small)! There are hydrangea flowers scattered all through the leaves as well.  


11 x 60" eco-printed Habotai Silk scarf

Price: $25.00 

Under Water - Product Image

Under Water


We think many of these scarves give the feeling of looking through a pond at the leaves under the surface and this one is no exception.  You can see leaf shapes in varying shades of green with punches of blue, yellow and even some soft magenta from spring blooming plants.

11 x 60" eco-printed Habotai Silk Scarf


Price: $25.00 
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