Lancaster County Soapworks, Etc.

Handmade soaps &
           other fine body care products


A mixture of plain and fancy makes Lancaster County, Pennsylvania the interesting place it is.

We’re products of that same mix, and our luxurious, beautiful, handmade soaps reflect it by expressing our creativity in a useful way.

The current line of soaps

Millions of visitors to our county from all over the world enjoy the feeling of being close to the source: fresh foods, fresh air—pure, natural ingredients, a feeling of bounty and wholeness. All these properties can also be found in our handmade, vegan-friendly soaps and all our other products!

Some of our soaps are on the plain side—Scrubby Honey, Wise Guy (Beer Soap) and Happy Camper—but the wonderful ingredients used in each bar of soap make it unique and special on its own.

Some of our soaps are quite “fancy,” colorful, and even in some cases exotically fragrant. Our Lavender, Blackberry Sage and Wise Woman are perennial favorites in our line of handmade soaps.

Our other products

If you’re interested in selling through your business, please contact Maryanne for wholesale information and codes.