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We've put some of our most popular items together into
pre-packaged gifts for a friend or for yourself!

Packed in colorful jute drawstring bags.  Just add a bow!


Blackberry Sage Gift Set - Product Image
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Blackberry Sage Gift Set


Blackberry Sage fragrance is loved equally by men and women, making this set a great gift. Even for yourself...  When our daughter-of-the-heart was married recently, she and her sweetheart chose this scent for wedding favor soaps.  It was a popular favor!
This set includes:


  • Blackberry Sage soap which is a pale sage green, swirled with deep dark berry.  It is as beautiful visually as it is fragraant.
  • A lotion bar/solid perfume made with oils and a little beeswax,  It can be used as both a lotion (melts on the skin) or a solid perfume.
  • A spritz to spray the scent wherever you wish. It is nice for after bath or shower for a light scent.
  • Packaged in a jute drawstring bag.

Price: $20.00 

Dude Gift Set - Product Image
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Dude Gift Set


This fragrance causes an interesting reaction.  When women pick it up and smell it, 80% of the time (well, a large percentage..) they say, "I WISH a man smelled like this!" The fragrance is a dupe of Cool Water. Refreshing and masculine, it's a very sexy scent.  You get:


  • Soap is a cream colored base, marbled with denim blue swirls, and did I mention that it smells really good?
  • A lotion bar/solid fragrance to keep that going.
  • Spritz to make sure it is on your clothing or body - or surroundings.
  • Packed in a rugged jute drawstring bag.


I'd write more about this, but might get myself in trouble.

Price: $20.00 

Gardeners Gift Set - Product Image
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Gardeners Gift Set


For the gardener on your list.  A little discouragement for the wee beasties that may make our work in the garden uncomfortable, along with a little extra care following an afternoon of hard work.  You get:


  • A spray bottle of our popular Git Spritz. We have gotten some wonderful feedback on this all-natural combo. Catnip essential oil has been tested in university studies and found to be as effective as Deet so it is the main ingredient. Along with other oils, we also added cedarwood to discourage the clouds of gnats that sometimes may chase us inside before we are ready.
  • Gardeners Hand Soap with mild cornmeal scrubbies as well as comfrey root and tea tree all added for their healing properties.
  • Gardeners Tub Tea for a relaxing and fragrant soak.  Muscles relax, itches and cuts are soothed and sinuses are opened!
  • A solid Boo Boo Balm to care for those little cuts from the garden and to moisturize those hard working hands.
  • All packed up in a mossy green jute drawstring bag.

Price: $25.00 

Lavender Gift Set - Product Image
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Lavender Gift Set


Lavender esssential oil is well known for its relaxing properties and well loved for the slightly floral, slightly camphorous, clean, bright scent. In recent years, lavender has come out of grandma's closet and taken its rightful place, front and center. We've gathered up a few of our favorites for you or your favorite lavender lover. You get:


  •  A bar of our lavender soap, white, marbled with lavender swirls.
  • A lavender spritz. Along with its use as a personal scent, it also serves as a lovely linen spray.
  • A lavender lotion bar/solid perfume
  • All are full of pure, soothing lavender essential oil and packaged in a purple jute drawstring bag.  They'll bring a sigh of joy to the lavender lover's lips.

Price: $20.00 

Outdoor Survival Gift Set - Product Image
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Outdoor Survival Gift Set


The perfect gift for the outdoorsman (or woman). Being out in nature is such a wonderful way to spend time.  but there are a few little things that can make it less enjoyable. Who likes plant rashes and mosquitoes? What?  What was that? That's right. Nobody does. We've got just the thing to help. We've put together a little kit that includes:


  • A spray bottle of Hiker's Releaf (jewelweed, plantain and sage in apple cider vinegar) that can be helpful in drying up weeping rashes. During our years at the Renaissance faire, the actors would often show up in the morning for herbal assistance. One particularly memorable instance was the day after most of the cast had gone swimming in a creek which was apparently surrounded by poison ivy. This spray saved the day. Not to say they weren't still uncomfortable in multiple layers of hot clothing and shoes, etc., but the spray made it bearable.
  • A bar of our Happy Camper soap which contains jewelweed and plantain with a touch of lavender and tea tree oils. Of course, all true soap is made with lye, so it is lye soap. If used quickly after exposure to poison ivy, it should wash the poisonous oils off the skin. Otherwise, the herbs and oils are said to be helpful with the itch of rashes and bites.
  • A Git Stick which is a lotion bar that is full of essential oils that bugs hate. This is a great way to apply a bit more long lasting barrier around ankles, wrists and neck.
  • A bottle of Git Spritz. We use it ourselves, and a friend of ours who was camping in a very buggy area wrote from the trail to let us know that when she sprayed the Git Spritz on, she could watch the skeeters head for her arm and then skid to a stop before heading off.
  • Take this forest green jute drawstring bag filled with first aid into the woods with you.

Price: $27.00 

Patchouli Gift Set - Product Image
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Patchouli Gift Set


 ... this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, age of...


Oh wow! Hi! Let me tell you about our groov-a-licious patchouli stuff! This is the real thing, deep and earthy, totally unisex and straight from the plant. Patchouli essential oil is said to possess many beneficial properties, not the least of which is in the care of aging skin. We can dig that. True patchouli isn't for everyone. People either love it or hate it. If you are into it, we've got you! This set includes:


  • Patchouli soap which, in addition to rich, thick, dark essential oil, contains powdered patchouli leaves, giving the soap a light brown color.
  • Lotion bar/solid perfume loaded with the scent that will last a long time. Patchouli is known as a fixative, meaning it helps to hold other scents in things like soap, perfume and potpourri. It lasts.
  • Spritz for a broader application. This is great for closets and drawers, by the way. Long ago, when challis shawls were imported from India via boat, they were packed in patchouli leaves to protect them from insects during the long sea voyage. People loved the scent as well as the shawls which were very popular - the scent followed.
  • Packed in a coffee colored jute darwstring bag, this makes a totally far-out and, like, cool gift.  You might want it for yourself, too.

Price: $20.00 

Sinus Relief Gift Set - Product Image
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Sinus Relief Gift Set


People say that Lancaster County, PA is the seasonal allergy capital of the country. I suspect that there are several areas that claim that distinction. Let's just say that we can tell when the trees throw off pollen, when the corn tassels and when the leaf mold is rampant.  We started working on helpers for ourselves decades ago, as soon as we started learning about herbs and oils. 

The set includes:


  • Day at the Spa soap includes seaweed for its humectant and skin soothing properties, and it is scented lavishly with eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils. You'll love the way it makes you feel, from your head to your toes.
  • A Sinus Aromatherapy roll-on that you'll apply to your forehead, chest, wrists and throat. The essential oils have been properly diluted in jojoba oil for safe use.
  • A Sniffing Jar for sinus.  When I suggested this product 25 years ago, my sister shrugged and thought it might be fun. Little did either of us know it would be second only to soap in popularity.  The blend of herbs and essential oils in the little jar never fails to get a reaction on first sniff.
  • Sinus Blend Spritz is made from the same essential oils as the roll-on but is oil-free and not as concentrated.  I have been known to spray it on my husband's pillow when he snores (it helps!) and the pillow is a great place to spray a bit when you are trying to fall asleep and feeling clogged up.
  • Everything is packaged in a bright blue, jute drawstring sack.

Price: $27.00 

Wise Woman Gift Set - Product Image
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Wise Woman Gift Set


Wise Woman is an ageless and evocative blend of essential oils that has been a top seller for us since our days at the renaissance faire over 25 years ago.  People from those days still seek us out to find it! Rich, deep and floral without being overly sweet.

You'll love this set which includes:


  •  A beautiful 4 oz, spritz to change the mood in a room, scent your hair and clothing, or make any place a Wise Woman space.
  • A bar of the fabulous Wise Woman soap.  Wise Woman was a favorie of our mom. Often, when she would help out at the soap shop, she would take a bar or two. When we cleaned out her home, we probably found a full batch of soap bars! They were in her closet, in all her clothing drawers, in the shower (thank heavens!), and we even found a bar at the foot of her bed, as she'd heard that handmade soap might help with leg cramps. We always told her soap was to be used, but...
  • A roll-on perfume made from the essential oil blend diluted perfectly in jojoba oil.  Put a little behind the ears, on the wrists, wherever - you'll want to use it every day.
  • We pack it in a drawstring jute bag in a color we always called "ladyslipper". We think you'll love it.


Price: $22.00