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Our line of soaps based on the original recipes of The Farm at Coventry
Our "Farm at Coventry Soaps" are all natural and contain a number of special additives 
which are a little different from our regular soaps. The base oils for these soaps
include Coconut, Soy, Rice Bran, Olive & Almond oils as well as cocoa butter. 
 Colorants are plant based, such as alkanet for the lavender and powdered 
calendula for the calendula soap. All soaps also contain Kaolin clay 
which is said to draw impurities from the skin.
 These soaps are scented with exotic blends of essential oils and weigh about 4 oz. ea.
See each soap for a more specific description. 
Auntie Germaine's Tea Tree Soap - Product Image
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Auntie Germaine's Tea Tree Soap

Our own natural version of the currently popular 'antibacterial' soap!! The potent essential oil combination of lavender, tea tree, rosemary, and patchouli are well known and documented for their antiseptic qualities.Try Auntie Germaine's good-old-fashioned 'soap&water' purity to keep your hands extra clean. Also great for use in the gym or locker room.
Price: $2.50 

Calendula Soap - Product Image
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Calendula Soap

We add calendula in three ways to this soap to create a bar that is both therapeutic and beautiful. We use calendula tea as the liquid in this soap, the olive oil in the soap is infused with calendula and finally we add ground calendula petals as the colorant. Gentle and mild enough for even sensitive baby skin. Lightly scented with essential oils of orange, tangerine, lemon, bergamot & vetiver.
Price: $2.50 

Full 'O Pep Soap - Product Image
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Full 'O Pep Soap

Start your day Full 'O Pep with our oh-so-cool peppermint soap. A stimulating wake-up call for the shower and a refreshing treat after hard work or play! Made with pure essential oil of peppermint and ground peppermint leaf.
Price: $2.50 

Good Hands Soap (Now called Patchouli Peace) - Product Image
Good Hands Soap (Now called Patchouli Peace)

Quite simply, just a basic clean soap, with a deep, complex fragrance that appeals to both men and women. We use earthy essential oils of patchouli, bay, and cardamom in this creamy lathering soap. Makes a great shaving bar!
Price: $2.50 

Rose Milk Soap - Product Image
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Rose Milk Soap

Legendary and Luxurious! What more can be said about the rose? This soap contains rose hip tea, rosewater, biodynamic cream and essential oils of rose, palmarosa and rose geranium. Pale pink color comes from Moroccan red clay. Deeply nourishing for all skin types and lovers of the rose!
Price: $3.00 

Wise Old Sage Soap - Product Image
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Wise Old Sage Soap

Ground garden sage and a bit of organic blue cornmeal makes this soap a great cleansing bar for working hands. It is also quite invigorating in the shower. Essential oil of sage combined with cedarwood and bay provide a fragrant combination for this popular soap. A favorite with it's devoted fans!
Price: $2.50 

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